the counterfeit Beatles spent a day  in july 2010 filming with  author and comedian Tony Hawks in his  latest film called "Playing the Moldovans at Tennis " in which the counterfeit Beatles play the "flying postman " a  Beatles  tribute band from moldova playing a gig at the 1998 Beatles convention in Liverpool , the scene features the cbs discussing  with Tony  over pint  how to get a visa to moldova after he watches them perform a  beatles spoof song written and performed by cbs called "you and me" which may featured throughout the film
co-directed by tony hawks and directed by Mikolaj Jaroszewicz who was the cinematographer on Peter and the Wolf which won an Oscar in 2007 for best short film.
due for release  in 2011 with all the producer's profits going to the Hippocrates children's health centre in Chisinau 
it  is anticipated that the film will have a UK theatrical release as well as DVD and download sales and Tony will be touring the UK to speak at selected cinemas as part of the programme
In addition there is great interest in the movie in Moldova and having met last week with their foreign and culture ministers Tony has the full backing of the government who are excited about the prospect of a film actually being shot in their country.

thanks tony we had a great time and look forward to seeing the finished film !

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