Counterfeit Beatles tuned-up Imphal to Its Max ……“Wow!!” was the first thing that came to my mind and to the dozens of fans, I believe, when the ‘Counterfeit Beatles’ – the official tribute band of “The Beatles” from London came on stage and started the gig. The charisma that they radiated was overwhelming.

A quick reminder- The Counterfeit Beatles are on their Magical Mystery Tour and was here in Imphal this last Sunday. The concert was organized by “Thadoi Gypsy Entertainment” based in Imphal. The concert was opened by the local bands- The Dirty Strikes, Kanglasha & Recycle.


Now to the main topic, the Counterfeit’s covered the greatest numbers by “The Beatles” in black suits and the ‘Flower Power’ hippy style wardrobes. Songs such as “All You need is Love”, “Back in the USSR”, “Let it Be”, “I want to hold your Hand”, “Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da”, “Hey Jude” and more. The crowd really enjoyed it, I’ve never seen the Imphal fans singing in unison in a concert like they did on that night. In the present situation of crime and extortion, music is the only word that’s keeping peace and unity in the land.

During the first couple of songs, people were silent and calm like they mostly do in most of the concerts. But later on as the clock ticks by they started the rants & the chants and in moments became berserk making it difficult for the organizers, the volunteers and even the security to control and prevent anyone from entering the stage. The crowds were busy screaming, shouting and stamping their feet. Some were dancing, singing, air-guitaring and enjoying each verse, chorus, every riffs and beats.

When the band performed “All You Need Is Love”, the fans lit up their cell phone screens and swayed to the music & the raga of the song. Everyone stomped their feet to the groove of numbers like “Back In USSR”, “Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da” and so on. Through a blend of fast numbers and slower ones, the Counterfeit Beatles’ really manipulated the crowd.

The most significant moment was their last number “Hey Jude”, which brought out the real musicality of the onlookers. From the first line to the end, everyone joined in with the band. What a moment it was, never wanted it to end!!!

One thing I want to add is the question- How can you enjoy a freakin’ Rock Show sitting down?? This is one point to be noted by the organizers and the securities in charge of rock concerts.

Thus concludes the best concert I’ve witnessed in Imphal. Lastly, the “Higher-On Maiden” concert on the 15th will be one hell of a show. And I wonder how the crowds will be controlled!!! Better arrange for some barricades!!! All the hardcore Maiden fans in Imphal, you wouldn’t want to miss this one.

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