Greece – Beatlemania

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The counterfeit beatles starred ,in the £300,000 stage production BEATLEMANIA in the theatre vergina regency, thessaloniki main land greece for Europe,s top musical producer stavros sideras and walt Disney,s award winning director choreographer derrick lasalla who,s other works include five guys named moe and the best of broadway

Beatlemania completed the planned 30 night production with full national television and radio coverage

”The counterfeit beatles spread thrills of enthusiasm with their on stage revival of the golden age of the Beatles” TV5 NATIONAL.

At the Theatre Vergina everyone will rock to the rhythm of …Beatlemania! "Fantastic!" was the one word used by the BBC world news to describe the show! And for 30 nights only, the hearts of the audience of the Theatre Vergina will beat to the rhythm of the greatest band of all time!