I just don't know what to say – you and your band were definately the
                                   Fab Four – you were all just fantastic.  You had people from all over 
                                   the world up for it, going for it, singing along what more could you or
                                   I could have asked for.

                                 Your wonderful idea re descending Concorde Steps – just lit the blue
                                 touch paper for the night.  I cannot thank you enough for making this
                                 night (at the closing ceremony on Wednesday) our President said it was 
                                 the best banquet ever in the history of our IUAI.

                                  Icons playing under an Icon – Oh What A Night.

                                  My platitudes could go on forever – you are wonderful bunch of people
                                 who have an enormous talent and I wish you very well in the future.

                                 Many thanks & Kind Regards


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